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MaxRebates is committed to protecting the personal privacy of users, as outlined in this Privacy Policy Statement. We value the security of your personal information greatly, and in some cases, we require certain information to provide the services you request. This privacy statement explains the data collection and usage in such situations.


1. How We Collect Your Personal Information

Personal information refers to data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact an individual. During the registration process, we require you to provide a unique user email, password, and other statistical information. To safeguard personal privacy, you should not provide any other information unless specifically requested by MaxRebates. If you provide personal information of others (such as a spouse or colleague), you must obtain their permission.


2. Scenario of Collecting and Using Your Personal Information by Our Company

Personal information refers to various data recorded electronically or by other means that is related to identified or identifiable natural persons, excluding anonymized information.

Sensitive personal information refers to information that, if disclosed or used unlawfully, could potentially harm an individual's personal dignity, physical and property security. This includes biometric data, religious beliefs, specific identities, medical health, financial accounts, travel records, etc., as well as personal information of individuals under the age of fourteen.

During your use of MaxRebates, we only collect and use the following personal information and sensitive personal information, as described in this policy, for the purposes stated below, in order to provide you with services, optimize our services, and ensure the security of your account:

1. Basic User Services

We provide basic user services through your MaxRebates account. To register as a user and use our user services, you need to provide your email address and password to create a MaxRebates account. If you only need to browse and search, you do not need to register as a user or provide the above information.

2. Essential Security Features for Transactions

To enhance the security of our systems while you use our products and/or services and to more accurately prevent phishing website fraud and protect account security, we collect information such as running processes, your browsing information, historical order information, and client IP addresses to combat unfair purchase behaviors such as brushing orders. Additionally, we also collect information such as your registration/login time, device-related information (such as device IMEI/Mac/OAID, device model, operating system version), device sensor information (such as phone angular velocity, phone acceleration), and network information (such as frequently used login IP addresses) to determine the safety of the current registration, login, and transaction environment.


3. Collection and Use of Personal Information

3.1) When you log in to MaxRebates through Google or Facebook, you need to provide your account information for seamless automatic login to MaxRebates.

3.2) When you log in to MaxRebates using Apple ID, you need to consent to our access of your Apple ID through your Apple device. If your Apple ID is registered through an email address, according to laws and regulations such as the "Cybersecurity Law" and "Regulations on the Management of Mobile Internet Applications and Information Services," you need to submit your mobile number for authentication.

3.3) When you complete your account information, MaxRebates may require you to manually choose whether to fill in nickname, gender, region, and profile information. The information you fill in may be displayed to other users in the Personal Center module.

3.4) When you need to upload a personal avatar, MaxRebates may request access to your phone's photo album or camera function to obtain your photos and display them on MaxRebates. The information you fill in may be displayed to other users in the Personal Center module.

3.5) When you use the withdrawal function, because banking regulations require users to provide the personal information of the payee, MaxRebates may require you to manually fill in the payee's name, ID card information, and bank account information. The provided information will be uploaded to the bank for verification when you initiate a withdrawal based on the selected withdrawal method and amount.

4. Display and Search of Product Information

You can accurately find the products or services you need through search. We retain your search content to facilitate repeated input or to display products related to your search. Please note that your search keyword information cannot identify your identity on its own and is not considered your personal information. We have the right to use it for any purpose. Only when your search keyword information is combined with other information that can identify your identity and used in conjunction, will we treat your search keyword information as your personal information, and process and protect it in accordance with this Privacy Policy together with your search history.

Browsing of product discount information may involve accessing foreign IP addresses. This operation may result in order tracking for users. Disabling this feature may lead to the loss of orders.

4. Customer Service, Account Appeals, and Reporting Complaints

When you contact our customer service for consultation or file an account appeal or complaint, in order to facilitate communication with you or help you resolve issues, we may collect and record your nickname, name, email address, and other contact information. If you refuse to provide the above information, we may not be able to provide timely feedback on inquiries or the results of appeals and complaints.

6. Use of Third-Party Services

Our products integrate the Umeng+ SDK for statistical analysis, which helps you understand how your end users use your products (including services such as mobile application clients, mobile websites, application platforms, PC websites, sites, and other terminals that Umeng+ confirms can provide services). When you integrate the Umeng+ statistical analysis tool into your product, your product collects and transmits data to our server through the Umeng+ statistical analysis tool. We collect unique device identifiers (IMEI/Mac/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information) to provide statistical analysis services, and we use geographic location calibration to ensure the accuracy of report data and provide basic anti-cheating capabilities.

7. Message Notifications

You understand and agree that, in the course of using products and/or services, we may send various types of notifications to one or more of your provided contact methods (e.g., email) for purposes such as user message notifications, identity verification, security verification, user experience surveys, etc. We may also use your personal information to provide or promote our or third-party products and services through our in-site private messaging system, email, or other means.

8. Sharing Functionality

To facilitate sharing content via channels such as WeChat, QQ, and Facebook, we may obtain a list of software installed on your phone. This information is only used for sharing functionality, allowing you to select installed apps for sharing.


3. Section Three: Basic Permissions Required for Collecting Personal Information in Service Usage

1. When you log in and use MaxRebates, in order to ensure your normal use of our services, ensure the proper functioning of MaxRebates, enhance and optimize our service experience, as well as safeguard the security of your account, we need to access the following information and permissions: network status, network access, write to external storage, use vibration, wake lock, mount file system, display system windows, access location additional commands, read and write system settings, and obtain task information. The aforementioned information and permissions are essential basic permissions required to provide the service.

2. When you log in and use MaxRebates, MaxRebates requires your IMEI for data statistics and identification of your Android device ID when placing orders.

3. When you log in and use MaxRebates, MaxRebates requires your IP address for troubleshooting network issues in case of user complaints.

4. When you log in to MaxRebates through Google or Facebook, you need to provide your account information for seamless automatic login to MaxRebates.

5. When you log in to the 55海淘 (55Haitao) app using Apple ID, you need to consent to our access of your Apple ID through your Apple device. If your Apple ID is registered using an email address, according to the "Cybersecurity Law" and the "Regulations on the Management of Mobile Internet Application Information Services" and other relevant laws and regulations, you are required to provide a phone number for authentication.


4. Section Four: Push Notifications

During our operations, we may send you one or more types of notifications while you are using our products and/or services. These notifications include message notifications, user experience surveys, and commercial information about services, features, or activities that you may find interesting. We will utilize your device's system notifications for this purpose, and you have the option to disable notification functions on your device.


5.Section Five: Integration of Third-Party SDKs

5.1 Umeng Analytics (com.umeng)

Purpose of Use:

Statistical analysis service to understand how users use the product; statistics and analysis scenarios for the App.

Usage Scenario:

Used when the App is in the background while the user is using it.

Permissions Required (Android):





Personal Information Fields Collected:

Unique device identifiers (IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID/IP address/SIM card IMSI information)

Sharing Method:

Collected through SDK

Privacy Policy Link:



Purpose of Use:

Used to implement message push functionality for various app platforms.

Permissions Required (Android):




Automatically Collected by Calling System-Related Interfaces:

Usage Scenario:

Used for push messages, including when the app is in the background.

Personal Information Involved:

Device identifiers (IMEI, IDFA, Android ID, GID, MAC, OAID, VAID, AAID, IMSI, MEID, UAID, SN, ICCID, SIM information), network information (IP address, WiFi information, base station information, DNS address, DHCP address, SSID, BSSID), and location information (latitude and longitude).

App Auto-Start:

JPush provides the ability to launch the killed app to ensure message delivery on Android, as the app process is often terminated, leading to disconnection of long connections and failure to receive messages.

Sharing Method:

Collected through SDK

Privacy Policy Link:


3. Facebook

Purpose of Use:

Authorization and login using Facebook credentials.

Usage Scenario:

Used for user authorization, login, and Facebook sharing.

Required Permissions:


Personal Information Involved:

Device identification information (IMEI/MAC/Android ID), app information, WiFi information, clipboard information.

Privacy Policy Link:


4. Google

Purpose of Use:

Authorization and login using Google credentials.

Usage Scenario:

Used for user authorization and login using Google credentials.

Required Permissions:


Personal Information Involved:

Device identification information (IMEI/MAC/Android ID), app information, WiFi information, clipboard information.

Privacy Policy Link:


5. Apple ID

Purpose of Use:

Authorization and login using Apple ID credentials.

Usage Scenario:

Used for user authorization and login using Apple ID credentials.

Required Permissions:


Personal Information Involved:

Device identification information (IMEI/MAC), app information, WiFi information, clipboard information.

Privacy Policy Link:


6.Section Six: Personal Information Security

Ensuring the security of your personal data is of utmost importance to us. When you register and input personal data with our company, we utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt this information.

During both the data transmission and data storage stages, we employ widely accepted industry standards (such as firewalls, encryption, and data privacy legal requirements) to protect the information you submit to us.

However, no internet transmission or electronic storage method is 100% secure. Therefore, while we use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.


7.Section Seven: How We Manage Your Information

1. How long does our company retain personal information?

In general, our company retains your personal information only for the duration necessary to fulfill the collection purposes, while also adhering to applicable legal data retention periods.

5. We will only retain your personal information for the duration necessary to achieve the purposes described in this policy. We will determine the retention period in conjunction with the mandatory retention requirements set by law. After the retention period has expired, we will delete your personal information in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws or anonymize it.

3. After you successfully cancel your account, we will stop providing services to you. Your personal information will be anonymized throughout the entire "MaxRebates" platform, rendering your account unsearchable and inaccessible. Furthermore, we will delete your personal information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

4. You can apply to cancel your account through the following methods:

4.1) Log in to the MaxRebates app, go to "My - Settings - Account Cancellation," and submit an account cancellation request.

4.2) Log in to the MaxRebates website or app, contact customer service, and ask for assistance in canceling your account.

4.3) Account cancellation requests will be processed within 7 days. If you wish to revoke your cancellation request within this period, please contact customer service.

4.4) After you voluntarily cancel your account, we will cease providing products or services to you. In accordance with applicable legal requirements, we will delete your personal information or anonymize it.

4. Please understand that after you or we assist you in deleting your personal information, due to legal and security technology limitations, we may not be able to immediately remove corresponding information from backup systems. We will securely store your personal information and restrict any further processing until backups can be deleted or anonymized.

5. In the event that we terminate our services or operations, we will provide you with at least thirty days' notice and subsequently delete or anonymize your personal information.

Access, Correction, and Deletion of Your Personal Information

1. Your Account Information (Email account serves as the unique identifier and cannot be modified)

For PC users, you can access the personal information you submitted to us, including nickname, avatar, email, personal introduction, and security password, through the "Account Settings" page under the "Personal Center." You can also correct, supplement, or unbind your account using the above methods.

For mobile app users, access your profile information through the homepage, "My," top-right settings button, and "Profile Settings." You can correct, supplement, or delete your user nickname, avatar, personal introduction, and gender. Access security information through the homepage, "My," top-right settings button, and "Account and Security." You can also correct, supplement, your login password, set a security password, or unbind your account. You can also initiate an account cancellation.

2. Your Saved Information

For PC users, you can access your saved discounts and merchants and perform "Unsave" operations through the "My Favorites" page.

For mobile app users, access your saved information through "My - Favorites" and manage them by clicking the "More" button on the top-right corner and selecting "Manage Favorites."

3. Your Transaction and Financial Information

For PC users, access your obtained product order information through "Personal Center" and access your rebate information and order details through "Personal Center - Withdrawal Function."

For mobile app users, access your transaction (rebate details) records through the homepage, "My," "My Rebates," and "My Orders." Obtain withdrawal details through "My" and "Withdrawal."

4. If you need to access, correct, or delete other personal information generated during your use of our products and services, please contact us at any time. We will respond to your requests in accordance with the methods and timeframes outlined in this policy.

5. In the following situations, you may request the deletion of personal information from us:

(1) The processing purpose has been achieved, cannot be achieved, or is no longer necessary for achieving the processing purpose.

(2) We have ceased providing products or services, or the retention period has expired.

(3) You have explicitly withdrawn your consent.

(4) If you have sufficient reasons to believe that we have violated laws, regulations, or agreements in processing your personal information.

(5) Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.


8. Providing Additional Services to You

In order to offer you more convenient and enhanced products and/or services, striving to improve your experience, we may collect and use your personal information in the following additional services provided to you. If you do not provide this information, it will not affect your use of basic services such as browsing, searching, purchasing on MaxRebates. However, you may not be able to enjoy the user experience provided by these additional services. These additional services include:

(1) Camera-Based Services: After granting camera permission, you can use this feature for the following functions: modify avatar by taking a photo, take a photo to choose an image when submitting an order dispute. Please note that even if you have granted camera permission, we will only access the camera and capture photos when you actively click on the camera icon within the app.

Use cases: Used to assist you in capturing photos for needs like editing, and for audio/video features that require camera usage.

(2) Album (Photo/Video Library) Access and Upload Services: After granting album permissions, you can use this feature to upload your photos/images/videos for purposes such as changing avatars, posting order reviews, submitting order disputes, and communicating with customer service.

Use cases: Allow the app to read images and files in storage for functions like posting information. Allow the app to write/download/save/modify/delete images and files.

(3) Storage Space-Based Services: Provide the ability to read data from your device's storage space; provide the ability to write to external storage.

Use cases: Allow the app to read images and files in storage for functions like posting information, uploading avatars, recording crash logs locally, etc. Allow the app to write/download/save/cache/modify/delete images and files.

(4) Location-Based Services: Obtain the device's geographical location information through Global Positioning System (GPS) or network location information (such as base stations and WLAN).

Use cases: Used for personalized content recommendations or filling in your location information, such as recommendations based on location like Meituan takeout, Eleme rebates, etc.

(5) Calendar-Based Services: Read calendar information from the system, used for time limits when submitting order disputes.

Use cases: Used to assist you in setting, completing, or modifying order dispute submission functions.

You understand and agree that the aforementioned additional services may require you to grant access to your camera and album (photo library) on your device, in order to collect and use the information involved in these permissions. Please note that by granting any of these permissions, you authorize us to collect and use relevant personal information to provide corresponding services. Once you revoke any of these permissions, it means you are withdrawing your authorization, and we will no longer collect and use relevant personal information based on that permission or provide the corresponding services. However, your decision to revoke permissions will not affect the collection and use of information based on your previous authorization.


9.Collection of Personal Information from Minors

MaxRebates recognizes the importance of personal information and privacy security of children (referring to minors under the age of 14, hereinafter referred to as "Children"). This section aims to explain to guardians (referred to as "You") and the children you guard (referring to minors under the age of 14, hereinafter referred to as "Your Children") how we collect, use, store, and process personal information of children, as well as how we provide you and your children with access, correction, deletion, and protection of this information.


How We Collect and Use Personal Information of Minors

We strictly fulfill the obligations and responsibilities for protecting children's personal information as stipulated by laws and regulations, following principles of legitimacy, necessity, informed consent, clear purposes, security, and lawful use. We will not collect children's personal information that is unrelated to the products or services we provide. Specific business scenarios in which we may collect personal information of your children include:

During the registration process on the MaxRebates app, we may request users to provide identity information to determine whether the user is a child.

When we identify a user as a child, we may collect your email address and contact you to verify the guardian relationship. In order to better protect the rights and interests of children, we may also collect additional information from you (such as name, identity information, or other proof of guardianship) to further verify the guardian relationship. However, these pieces of information will only be used within the necessary scope to verify your relationship with the child user.

We strictly comply with laws, regulations, and user agreements, and may use the collected information of children for the following purposes:

(1) Verify the child's identity;

(2) Optimize products or services, ensure security, conduct service surveys, and handle complaints related to minors.


10. Ten, How to Contact Us

If you have complaints, suggestions, or questions regarding personal information protection, you can send your inquiries to ( Once we verify and confirm your user identity, we will promptly address your complaints and reports.


11. Eleven, Legal Disclaimer

In the event of changes to our privacy policy, we will announce these changes within this policy, on our company's website, and at other appropriate locations to keep you informed about how we collect and use your personal information, who can access this information, and under what circumstances we may disclose it.

Our company reserves the right to modify this policy at any time; therefore, please check it regularly. If significant changes are made to this policy, we will notify you through our website.


12. Twelve, Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy statement applies to all relevant services provided by our company. As our service scope expands, the privacy policy may change. The updated privacy statement, once posted on our website, will replace the original statement.


Without your explicit consent, we will not reduce your rights according to this privacy policy. We will publish any changes made to this policy on this page.

For major changes, we will also provide more prominent notifications (including sending email notifications for certain services, detailing specific changes to the privacy policy).

Major changes referred to in this policy include but are not limited to:

Significant changes to our service model, such as the purpose of processing personal information, types of processed personal information, and methods of using personal information.

(1) Significant changes in our ownership structure, organizational framework, etc., such as business adjustments, bankruptcy mergers, and changes in ownership due to acquisitions.

(2) Significant changes in the main recipients of personal information sharing, transfer, or public disclosure.

(3) Significant changes in your rights and how they are exercised in personal information processing.

(4) Changes in the responsible department, contact information, and complaint channels for personal information security.

(5) If you have any questions or concerns about our company's privacy policy or data processing, please feel free to contact us at any time.