10 Amazing Ways to Save Money At Macy’s

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Macy’s, with their well-recognized famous brown bag and red star logo, it is a well-known store across the globe. Buy presents for your family and friends or just treat yourself because it’s payday and wait for that exciting brown package to turn up on your doorstep.

Macy’s is also an amazing place to find great bargains and deals:

  1. Price Match – Macy’s website and Macy’s stores may have different prices, if the item’s price is lower online than its in-store price, show the cash desk the website and they will ensure you receive the discount.
  2. App – apps are the biggest thing right now; download the Macy’s app and you will find so many cool tricks and tips. It keeps you updated on deals and promotions and you can compare prices in-store and online. You can even take quizzes and see how your furniture would look with a 3D room viewer.
  3. Newsletter – sign up for the Macy’s email newsletter and you will receive 15% off your next order, PLUS you will get notified when they have an exclusive sale or discounts … before anyone else.
  4. Macy’s Credit Card – if you are a regular shopper, you can save lots of money with a Macy’s credit card. If you spend up to $499 a year, you will start to earn points, which are similar to cash discounts. On your birthday, you will also receive a cheeky birthday discount surprise.
  5. One Day Sale – on the third Saturday of the month, Macy’s offers the best prices across a range of categories and sometimes, there are even further discounts offered on clearance items. Get that date marked in your calendars!
  6. Click & Collect – shop online and choose free pickup in one of the stores at checkout, so simple.
  7. No Shipping Costs – you can sometimes skip the shipping costs by choosing specific beauty items to add to your basket at checkout, select the free-in-store pickup option or make sure your shopping cart’s total amount if up to $99 at least and you will automatically get free shipping
  8. Bill Adjustment – if you made a purchase a few days ago and then you find the item at a cheaper deal a few days later; you can contact Macy’s Customer Service and request for a receipt adjustment
  9. Friends & Family Sale – this sale occurs many times throughout a year, it is an easy and quick way to save money. The event offers up to 30% off different items, so keep your eye out on when this sale happens.
  10. Cashback rewards – how would you feel if we told you that you could shop at Macy’s and get cashback from your purchases? Well, read on …

Macy’s is a one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs AND if you sign up to our cashback website – MaxRebates – you can receive all of the store’s commission given back to you with zero membership fees.

MaxRebates is free to join, free to use and free to receive cash-back, helping you save as much money as possible. Make a purchase from Macy’s and you can earn your cash back at a very high percentage with absolutely no catch or membership fees. Sounds too simple? Well, it is just as simple as that! The next time you are ready to shop online sign up to our website, start shopping at Macy’s and earn money back.

So, what are you waiting for?! Join here today.

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