How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Kroger?

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Does Kroger do Cash Back? They most certainly do! Kroger offers Cash Back directly to customers who shop everyday items via the Kroger Shopper’s Card. Qualifying Cash Back earned from the store is accumulated on your Shopper’s Card and then redeemed via PayPal. If you want to save more, there are plenty of other ways to earn Cash Back at Kroger. Earn back cash on your purchase when you use Discover credit cards, checks, debit cards, and even EBT card purchases. All Kroger locations offer Cash Back to customers but you would have to pay a fee of $0.50 to $3.50 to avail. 

Another sure way to earn Cash Back at Kroger is with your free MaxRebates account. At MaxRebates, users can earn up to 2.3% Cash Back on qualifying purchases. If you like to do your shopping online, MaxRebates is your best option. Simply shop using your mobile phone and activate your Cash Back rewards on all qualifying purchases.  

What Items are Eligible for Cash Back at Kroger Stores? 

You can get Cash Back on many items at Kroger. When you visit the Kroger website or shop via MaxRebates, you can view the “Savings and Rewards” page and browse Cash Back offers available at the moment. There is a limit to the volume of offers you can load on your Shopper’s Card. Currently, a limit of 150 Cash Back offers can be loaded per household at a time. This still amounts to endless savings on your monthly expenses! Offers vary in duration so make sure not to miss on any active offers. 

See the following Cash Back deals available right now!

$1.00 Cash Back on Treasure Cave Blue Cheese Crumbles

$1.00 Cash Back on Bush’s Sidekicks

$0.25 Cash Back on Snickers Almond Brownie & Dark Chocolate

$1.00 Cash Back on Pace Avocado Salsa

$1.00 Cash Back on Quadratini

$1.25 Cash Back on Gevalia Kaffe Coffee Pods

$1.00 Cash Back on Chobani Creamer

$0.75 Cash Back on Gevalia Kaffe Bagged Coffee

How Do I Get Cash Back from Kroger? 

If you’re looking to get more savings on your grocery shopping at Kroger, the most basic method is by signing up for the Kroger Shopper’s Card. For every qualified item you purchase, the Cash Back amount is stored in your card. 

Using a debit card, Kroger customers can earn a maximum of $300 in Cash Back rewards on all purchases. The same applies on the Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa Debit Card. Remember that Kroger charges fees for Cash Back in the amount of $0.50 for every $100 Cash Back. The fees can reach up to $3.50 for purchases of up to $100 to $300. Fees may also vary according to the store you visit. 

Only Discover credit cards allow customers to claim Cash Back at Kroger, in collaboration with the Discover Cash Over program. If you are a cardholder, you have the opportunity to claim up to $120 Cash Back every 24 hours. You don’t have to pay Cash Back fees on your Discover card since you’re already paying regular interest rates on your monthly bill. 

When you pay for your Kroger purchases with checks, you can also avail of Cash Back rewards. However, there is a limit of only $20 Cash Back on personal checks. EBT cardholders, on the other hand, can earn Cash Back of $50 to $100 on qualified transactions. 

If you’re looking for a convenient and straightforward way to start earning Cash Back at Kroger with MaxRebates, just sign up for a free MaxRebates account and start shopping. Browse available offers, visit the online store, and start shopping when you see available Cash Back offers. When you use MaxRebates, you have the potential to earn up to 2.3% Cash Back on your final purchase amount. The more you shop, the more Cash Back you earn!  

You have plenty of options to earn Cash Back at the store such as with your debit card, Discover credit card, checks, EBT cards, and the Kroger Shopper’s Card. Earning Cash Back at Kroger is definitely the easiest with MaxRebates. Just login on your account and start shopping. There are no minimum amounts required or fees charged for Cash Back. You can earn up to 2.3% Cash Back on your final purchase on all qualifying products. Find out what Cash Back deals await you at Krogers today! 

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