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Woot! has many fun, stylish and unique tees in a range of colors and sizes. All their shirts are printed in the USA and every time you buy a shirt, the talented artist that designed the tee also gets a percentage. It’s a win-win; you look good, they feel good and your wallet is a little lighter. We put together a list of the 8 best designs from this week to help you decide which one(s) to buy, let’s take a look. Be more fashionable with Woot!

The Variant

This Variant tee is currently this week’s top best seller. Available in fitted or classic and it ranges in sizes XS-3XL for men and women and kids 2-12. Ideal to wear for a day out, a night out or hanging out with friends. It’s only $19 + free shipping and if you buy using your MaxRebates account, you will receive a further 10% off in cash back.

Get shirt done.

Still Anti-Social

This tee is not only funny, it’s also very appropriate right now! 100% vaccinated. Still anti-social. What a great way to let people know you have been vaxed, but you want to still keep the distance … all without using any words. Available in fitted or classic and in a range of sizes for men, women and kids. Treat the whole family to this fun, quirky tee and match on your next day out together. Look good, feel good, stay safe all for under $20!

The Oxford Comma Grammar Society

Ideal for the geek in your life. Fighting ambiguity, confusion, and poor syntax. This tee is a great birthday gift for the anti-Oxford-Comma person in your life. Woot! has you covered with this fun tee; available in a range of sizes. Currently at a bargain price. Go buy it now, period.

Ready. Fire. Aim

Everyone knows a Star Wars fan, so why not treat them to this cool Stormtrooper tee?! Available in fitted or classic style and available in many sizes – Woot! has something for everyone. Currently only $19 – ready, fire, buy!

First, I Drink Coffee

The most relatable tee on the market, because come on, coffee is a necessity! Wear this tee around the office and let your colleagues know that they should have that morning meeting after you’ve had that first important cup. Available in different fits and sizes, go on treat yourself to a latte and a new tee.


Sci-fi, but make it inclusive. Wear this tee with pride or buy it for your sci-fi loving bestie. Stand out from the crowd, be you and always be proud of who you are with this colorful tee. Love is love and especially when it’s currently a steal at $19!

Come to the pride side.

Quarantine Festival

Fed up that all festivals have been canceled this summer?! Well, do as the tee says and have your very own quarantine festival from your living room. Celebrate in style and rock out to your favorite musicians such as; Flu Fighters, Miley Virus and Pandemic at The Disco. Dance like no one is watching, literally. This tee is available in two fits; fitted or classic and a range of sizes to suit everyone. Ain’t no party like a pandemic party.

Happy Little Bob

Channel your inner artist with this cool Bob Ross tee. Available in fitted or classic and a in a range of sizes for men, women and kids. And in the words of the legend himself; “we don’t make mistakes; we have happy accidents” – well, it would be a mistake not to buy this tee. Currently it’s a best seller, get it whilst it’s hot!

Like what you tee? Well, Woot! has plenty more uniquely designed tees available, with thousands of different styles, there really is something for everyone and if you head over to your account on MaxRebates, find the Woot! store and make an order, you will receive 10% cash back with every purchase made. Plus, you will make the designer of the tee very happy too! We promise comfort, we promise style and we promise savings.

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