10 Best Things to Buy Your Pets at Chewy

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Chewy has thousands of supplies for the fur-baby in your life. Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, bird or reptile as a pet or maybe you run a farm or have horses – Chewy has many toys, food, treats and cleaning supplies. You can even give back by donating to a rescue or adopting a pet. Plus, if you use your MaxRebates account and order from Chewy as a new customer – you will receive a massive $15 cash back with every purchase. We have put together a list of the 10 best things to buy at Chewy, check it out. The perfect range for pet products, the perfect place for savings.


Treat your fury friend to a new toy, a comfy bed or some yummy food. Chewy has a wide range of healthy, nutritious food for your puppy or your adult dog and the bags range from $45-$80 depending on the size. Or buy them a kong squeeze ball; ideal for a game of fetch or these cute cozies are extra tough and durable and can keep your dog company when you’re not home and they are available in two different sizes. Or get them a new comfy bed, the ultimate spot for them to snuggle up to any time of the day – available in different sizes, depending on the breed of your dog. The best a pet can get.


Make sure your cat has 9 fun-loving lives with these Chewy supplies. Let them do their business in comfort with a brand-new litter box, they are a good size, eco-friendly – ideal for any cat and some of them can be used as a travel carrier too. Or maybe treat your cat to some new toys; springs, bird feather teasers and cat tracks are all perfect to keep your cat entertained for hours on end. Chewy also stocks a variety of scratching posts, ranging in different shapes and sizes – they are all easy to assemble and stable enough for all that leaping. Don’t be a scaredy cat – leap in and reap the savings.


Just keep swimming … all the way over to Chewy and check out these incredible supplies for your pet fish. Buy safe, delicious fish food and ensure your fish is eating well. Or maybe show your fish off in a brand-new fish tank, complete with lights and an internal filter cleaner. Available in different sizes, depending on how many fish you have. Got the food, got the new tank – now you need to decorate your tank so that your fish feels at home, Chewy sells a range of tank accessories including leaves, logs and plants – make your fish happy and your home look good. Hook up, save up.


Chewy sells everything for the feathered friend in your life, whether you have a parakeet, a cockatiel, a parrot or chickens – there is something for all types of birds. Keep your bird happy and healthy with Chewy bird toys, the blocks ensure your beaked buddy has enough exercise whilst trying to reach the food and the food is healthy, ensuring your bird eats well. Or maybe you need a cage for your pet, keep your floors clean with a large cage from Chewy, big enough for them to fly around freely and visible enough so you can keep your eye on them. Maybe you prefer the birds you see in your yard, then a wild bird feeder is ideal for you, they will attract many birds to your garden and they are squirrel-proof.

Small Pets

Maybe you have a smaller pet like a rabbit, a guinea pig, hamster or a rat – hop-over to Chewy. They have many supplies for all of these smaller furry animals and many more. Get a pet-safe chew toy for under $10 and keep your small pet entertained for hours or treat them to a new home and give your companion a cozy place to rest with comfy sleepers, made with soft materials and they are machine-washable. Maybe buy your small friend a wooden hideout, offering a place for them to relax and rest both inside or out. They are also edible, allowing your small pet to chew them without any worries. Paw-fectly cheap.


Maybe you have a slightly more adventurous pet like a snake, a turtle, a lizard or even a bearded dragon. Chewy has a range of tanks and terrariums for your slithery friend, providing a unique and cool place for them to chill and sleep, they are all made to support the weight of any sized reptile. You also need to deck out your tank with some cool décor, giving the tank a more natural look and feel. Don’t forget the lighting – ensure your reptile can bask under the lights with a range of long-lasting bulbs from Chewy, ideal for tropical and desert species. Lights on, savings in.

Farm Animals

Forget the small pets, it’s all about the farm animals. Chewy stocks a range of supplies for poultry, goats, cows, pigs, sheep and even llamas and alpacas! Buy some chicken food with Chewys big bags of all-natural protein chicken feed for under $50. Or buy a new chicken coop with a covered top, ensuring they are kept safe. Give your beaked duck friend a quackin’ good home with a pine wood home complete with ventilated holes and a hinged roof, giving you quick asses to your winged-pet. Chewy even sells automatic doors for chicken coops, keeping your friends safe and happy – it will automatically open the coop in the morning and close it in the evening. Cluckin’ hell!


Ensure your horses’ hooves are always in good condition with horse-hood conditioner, it’s easy to apply and strong enough to help treat brittle hooves. Or bring out that inner-rider in you and treat yourself to some new horse-riding gear including; a helmet, boots and riding tights. Look good on and off the horse. Ride off into the savings sunset.

Pet Gifts

Chewy also has many gifts for the pet-lover in your life. Including this super cool dog camera, your dog will never be lonely. This camera allows you to see your buddy and talk to them – it has night vision, a 160-degree wide angle and a barking alert. Never miss a trick.

Personalized Must-Haves

You can also personalize pet bowls, collars, beds, blankets and ID tags with your pet’s name and their favorite color. Make their supplies unique to them and match all of their toys, beddings and leashes, ensuring you never lose your furry companion. Choose from many different colors and fonts. Personalize, perfection, pennies saved.

Spoilt your pet enough? Well, now it’s time to spoil yourself. Because if you use MaxRebates to buy anything from Chewy, you will receive a huge $15 in cash back with every purchase. Pur-pefect!

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