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Sephora – here comes a cool fact! The name comes from the Greek word ‘sephos’ – meaning beauty and the name Zipporah, the beautiful wife of Moses. And, you must’ve been living under a rock if you have never heard Sephora, with 2,700 shops across the world, in 35 countries, it has even become a tourist attraction in some cities – it truly is world famous.

See yourself as a beauty influencer? A MUA? Or do you just love all things beauty? Sephora has something for everyone, but it can be slightly on the pricey side. So, follow these simple shopping tricks and they may be able to help you save as much money as possible. Let’s dive in!

  1. Beauty Insider – sign up to their membership rewards program which features 3 levels depending on how much you spend a year; Beauty Insider, which is free. VIB, you have to spend at least $350 a year or Rouge, which means you have to spend at least $1000 a year. The more you spend, the more points you get and once you get enough points – you will get a freebie! Plus, a free birthday gift each year
  2. Gift Cards – buy a Sephora gift card from certain online sources and you will get 10% off the normal price
  3. Sales – Sephora doesn’t have many sales but if you are a Beauty Insider member you will get access to their semi-annual spring and autumn sales.  You may spot a 10% or 20% bargain on some of your favorite items, so keep an eye out
  4. Samples – free makeup? Yes please! When shopping online, you can receive at least 3 free samples at checkout, every time you make a purchase online. Their samples include fragrance, skincare and makeup
  5. Price Adjustments – if you know a product went into the sale within 14 days after you bought it at full price, you can contact Sephora and ask for a price adjustment, they will give you back the difference
  6. Free Shipping – right now, we are all shopping online and there is nothing worse than paying for delivery. Order online and spend over $50 and you will receive free delivery
  7. Makeovers – you can get a free 15–20-minute makeup session, NO cost and NO appointment. It isn’t a full make over but if you are going on a date or out with friends, pop in to a Sephora store and ask for a mini-makeup session
  8. Perfume Set – Sephora sells a mini sample perfume set for only $75, this allows you to test out many different perfumes before you decide to buy the full-size bottle. AND you get a free voucher inside the set which you can use to buy the full-size perfume
  9. Newsletter – Make sure you don’t miss out on Sephora’s Newsletter; you will be the first to hear about offers and promos. Also, you will get first access to their semi-annual sale. Unsubscribe from those boring email chains and make room for Sephora instead
  10. Cash Back – this is a favorite hack, use the free money-saving website called MaxRebates and you will receive 5.1% cash back on all Sephora purchases. Sign up, follow the Sephora link, shop and wait for your cash back. *FREE* money! Plus, it’s so easy to use, its free and … cash back!

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