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2021 has been a roller-coaster year so far, with the whole world being ‘online’ and everyone is now talking to their lovers, family, friends, colleagues and even their pets via video calls.  You need to ensure you have a top-notch electronic gadget, making sure you don’t get the dreaded connection error message or blurry picture. With the Facebook Portal devices, you will never have dodgy connection problems again. All portal devices feature AI Smart Cameras and Smart Sound technology.  Portal devices include cameras that recognize certain people and even follow them around a room by panning and zooming (Big Brother is always watching!). The smart sound also helps to minimize any background noise and enhances the voice of the person that is calling you. Portal has a range of products for all types of households:

Portal Products

Portal TV

Want to see your family members on a big screen? Make it feel that you’re in the same room as the people you are talking to, no matter where they are in the world. Well, Portal has a solution for you – Portal TV.   Portal’s Smart Camera auto pans and zooms to ensure you can see everyone on the sofa and you will never miss a conversation, as the Smart Camera widens to include everyone. And that’s not all; The Smart Camera has many other useful features too such as being able to play your favorite music, connect to your doorbell so you can see who’s there being opening or you can even binge-watch that must-see TV series on Netflix.

Smart Video

Use Portal on a 10” HD display that is designed to fit in any home. Listen to music, display your pictures and use the built-in Alexa -helping you to see more and do more whilst being hands-free to do other important things around the house. You can even hear the breaking news headlines; just ask! You can even video call friends and family on WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom, even if they don’t have Portal.

Large Portal Screen

Just like a 10” inch display but, bigger … better. It has a large stylish screen; it will stand out in any home with a 15.6-inch screen and a 1080p resolution. It works in both landscape- and portrait-mode. Listen to music, check who is at your door and control your smart home by just using your voice and make video calls. This larger screen offers a premium video-calling experience. Go on – call that distant relative you haven’t spoken to in years or that friend that lives in a different country!

Portal Mini

Want something smaller that is easily portable? The Portal Mini is perfect for you. The size of it is almost the same as a static photo-frame, but this Portal Mini allows you to display all your favorite pictures instead of just having to choose one. The Portal Mini comes equipped with a sharp camera lens and a wide-angle feature, allowing all the members of the family to get in the picture, even the pet goldfish! The Portal Mini is the most affordable out of all the Portal devices and it can be placed anywhere in the home and it would be especially useful in the kitchen, as it would be ideal to read recipes from. Alexa, cook me dinner.

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