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Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day. I know you are the sporty type so I found these great items for you, please choose your favorite and I will buy it for you. Because you are the best dad and I’m lucky to have you in my life.

Lots of love.

If your dad loves sports and being outside in the fresh air, running, walking, jogging or just socializing with friends Puma has something for every dad and these items are perfect for a last-minute Father’s Day gift:

Matching Outfits; Puma offers a mini-me collection, you can buy a son-dad matching outfit or a daughter-dad matching outfit or even grab a pair of kicks for your dad and for yourself too. Because matching outfits are just SO cute! You can go for a more casual look or something for the summer months. Puma has many different styles, with a range of sizes and colors. A gift for you, a gift for your dad, the perfect balance!

Is your dad always on the court? Does he love basketball? Puma has a huge range of sneakers that are perfect for shooting hoops, ensuring your dads’ feet are secure and safe but, he will still look like the coolest person on the court. With hundreds of different styles, there is something for everyone from bright colors to classic monochrome. Go, shoot!

Whether your dad likes to run long distances or just around the block, ensuring his running gear is top-quality is very important. Go that distance and treat your dad now. Puma even offers a custom shoe service based on whether your dad runs for fitness or for fun, how often he runs and what shoe style is most important for him; cushioning, performance or weight. Treat him to a bright running tee, some comfortable running shorts, a pair of running sneakers or even a practical stainless steel water bottle. Puma has a gift for the runner in your life.

Is your dad one of the cool kids that is into circuits or yoga? If so, Puma has a gift for him. T-shirts, sleeveless tees, training pants or sneakers. They are flexible, stretchy and versatile. Perfect for the downward dog or for working out in the gym. Buy him a cool outfit and no longer will you be embarrassed to do exercise with your dad.

Maybe your dad is into a more niche sport? Puma has a whole range of products ideal for motorsport with brands such as; BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin – there is something for the huge F1 fan in your family. But, make sure choose the correct team, else that could cause a Father’s Day feud! Puma has lots of motorsport gear including BMW sneakers and jackets, Mercedes pants, Ferrari T-shirts, Porsche duffel bags and Aston Martin Red Bull tees (it will even give him wings!) All these gifts will allow him to look cool whilst he screams at the TV.

Last but not least, the most popular sport in the world; soccer. Whether your dad watches American football or he is currently watching the 2021 Euro Championship. Puma has something for him. Buy him a soccer shirt dedicated to his favorite team, a pair of comfy pants that he can wear whilst watching the game from home, soccer sneakers that have perfect grip for those hours on the pitch, a jacket that will keep your dad warm whilst he is watching the game live at the stadium or even buy him a soccer ball for those summer nights in the garden or for when he is having a kick-around with his friends. Score the perfect gift at Puma and make your dads weekend even better.

If you are still stuck on what to buy your sport-mad dad, go and check out all the other Father’s Day items. Also … I’m sure you have heard of cash back rewards and if you sign up to MaxRebates (the number one cash back site, promise!) and then purchase your Father’s Day gift from Puma though the MaxRebates link, you will receive up to 20% cash back. Meaning, you could treat your dad to more gifts. Because, more gifts = bigger cash back reward. Run, walk, swim, jog, drive… just go.

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