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Everyone has heard of LEGO; but I bet you didn’t know this fact: LEGO is an abbreviation of two Danish words ‘leg’ and ‘godt’ meaning ‘play well’. AND if you put all the 340 million LEGO pieces that were produced last year next to each other in a line, it would stretch 7,900km – the distance from London to Beijing!

LEGO is for toddlers, kids, adults and families. Not only do they sell blocks, they even sell clothing and home décor now too. Whether you are interested in Batman, Disney, Frozen, Friends or Toy Story, LEGO has a set to suit everyone’s interests. Here are some fun offers for you and the LEGO lover in your life and if you buy LEGO through the cash back site MaxRebates, you will receive 3% cash back on all purchases.

Flower Bouquet

This LEGO flower bouquet is better than the real thing because they won’t wilt and die after forgetting to water them! This set features roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and grasses. Let your imagination blossom … and your wallet. No need to ever buy those garage station flowers ever again.

Haunted House

If you love things that go bump in the night, the LEGO Haunted House is perfect for you. The house opens up and includes many spooky extras and features. This makes an ideal birthday present for your ghost-loving family, friend or partner, or could even be a cool Halloween gift. Trick or treat? Treat yourself to this LEGO set and get a scarily good cash back offer.

1989 Batwing

Bring the iconic Batman movie to life in your own living room. It even comes with a mounting bracket, which is ideal for wall-hanging. Be the coolest house on the block with this 2300-piece LEGO set. The bat-mobile is ready for you.

Ludo Game

Remember this classic board game? LEGO has bought it back to life with minifigure teams. It comes with 16 minifigure players, divided into 4 teams and a number spinner. Get the family or friends together for games-night AND … it’s currently in the sale at only $27.99. Game on!


And, we saved the best till last … LEGO have launched a collab with Adidas, which came out on July 1st 2021. This cool sneaker is made completely out of LEGO bricks, it’s buildable and even comes with shoelaces, the famous Adidas logo and a shoebox. It’s available in US size 7.5 and retails at $79.99. Be a legend on and off the court.

LEGO is a so much fun and when you can get 3% cash back on every purchase, it makes it even better. Head over to our website, search for the LEGO store, make a purchase online and wait for that cash back reward to go back into your account. Because, life is more fun if you play games. Leggo!

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