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Whether you need new sneakers, hoodies, jackets, joggers or accessories, Finish Line has you covered from head to toe. Because, even though no one ever looks cool whilst out jogging, if you are kitted out in Finish Line – you could become the exception to the rule. Be like a millennial and start doing yoga by the sea or go kick a ball around with your mates, whatever sport you are into, whether from home, outside or at a gym. Just do it, with Finish Line.

Finish Line currently has many deals and offers on big brands such as; Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, Vans and many more. Aim and shoot!

You are only one click away from a wide selection of sporty must-have items and if you buy any of these items through the cash back site; MaxRebates, you will receive a huge cash back payout with any purchase from Finish Line. Check out some of the goal-worthy deals here:

Basketball Jersey

Shoot a hoop, and remember the late Kobe Bryant with this colorful, fashionable and versatile basketball jersey.  Available in his famous Lakers colors; purple and yellow, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Aim for the savings – check out the huge cash back saving here.


You can’t go wrong with a casual sneaker and Adidas Superstar’s are ideal for any workout inside or outside. Available in many different colors and styles and they are fitted with cushioned insoles, meaning they are extra comfy. Leap to comfort.


Because matching is soooo 2021!

Buy yourself a T-shirt and buy one for your friend, family member or partner at the same time. Finish Line’s tees are laid-back, machine washable and perfect for a couple’s day out to the gym. Also, you can get two for $40, that’s only $20 each! Look cool, feel comfortable and with MaxRebates, you can receive a bonus cash back with every purchase. Go on, tee-off.


Kids these days need to look as cooler than their parents and with this Champion hoodie from Finish Line – they certainly will be the most fashionable kid on the block. It’s super soft, comfortable and easy to take off. Want to hear the good bit? It’s currently only $12 in the sale. Want to hear the even better bit? If you buy this hoodie whilst browsing on MaxRebates’ cash back site. Treat your teenager and they may just do their homework!


The summer is fast-approaching and you need to ensure you are protected from the sun whilst sporting-around. The Finish Line range of Nike caps are ideal for sunny days; top off your look with a cool comfortable adjustable cap, available in many colors. Plus, these caps are currently only $18 in the sale and if you buy one using MaxRebates, you will get 9.1% put back into your account from cash back. Cappin’ hell!

Motivated yet? Sign up to MaxRebates, go to the online store Finish Line – make a purchase and you will receive 9.1% cash back. That is a huge saving! That expensive gym membership you keep avoiding is looking more and more tempting now, isn’t it? Trust us, signing up to our amazing cash back site is much easier than doing push-ups, we promise.

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