Communicate with Cox Communications, Save with Cash Back

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Communication has never been more important; internet has never been more vital and TV streaming services are on the up. Cox Communications provide plans for WIFI, TV and Streaming Services, Smart Home and Security and Home Phones. Create your own package or select a ready-made one, so you can get exactly what you want, the way you want it. Stay connected.


Looking to change internet provider? Well, look over here. Cox has a new customer deal – save up to 28% off regular rates for Cox’s most popular 150 Mbps internet if you are new customer. Fast, reliable and cheap – ensure you always connected to friends, family and colleagues with this speedy internet deal and never miss a deadline or an important video call.

Smart Home

Build a smart home that works best for you, Cox’s Homelife Automation can control your lights, cameras and other smart home devices from your cell phone. Ensure you feel safe in your own home with smart home cameras where you can capture 10 days of recorded footage, check in on your pet whilst you are away, lock your door or adjust the thermostat right from your own cell phone. If you buy a Cox Homelife Automation service, you can get a Starter Kit included for free, it’s usually worth $250. Go get it before the deal ends. There’s no place like a smart home, there’s no better feeling than money-saving.


Create your own TV package with Cox, decide which plan works best for you and your home with no term agreement. Choose from 75+ local channels, 140+, 170+ or 250+ with prices varying from $50 to $130 and it includes easy access to TV apps such as; Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube, a remote and the TV box. Netflix and chill from the comfort of your own sofa, knowing you saved money in the process.

Home Phone

Stay connected to the people you love with a Cox Home Phone Package and take your home phone with you wherever you are, turn your cell into a home phone using Simultaneous Ring, automatically block unwanted numbers and use unlimited calls when making calls to home phones within USA, Canada and Mexico. You can also add international calls for an extra $3.99 a month. Chat, communicate and cash save.

Heard enough? Well, head on over to MaxRebates, locate the Cox Communications store, make a purchase and you will receive up to $67.50 in cash back. Good communication is key, cash back is an added bonus. Stay connected, always.

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