Your Guide to Date-Night Dressing with MaxRebates

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Choosing the right outfit for a date can be tricky, but if you know exactly what look you’re going for, it’s not as difficult as you think. Making the decision to wear either a dress or a jumpsuit, or either heels or flats, would depend on a few factors. For instance, where is your date taking you? Is it a more casual first date or a little more formal, like an anniversary? The most important thing, however, is to wear something that’s not only right for the occasion, but also gives you 100% confidence. Check out MaxRebates’ quick guide to date-night dressing.

Date Night Outfits

There are some fashion pieces, like the proverbial “little black dress,” that are just everyone’s go-to for almost any type of date. In case the one you’re waiting for finally asks you out, you want to have some date night essentials ready, like a dainty-looking blouse for elevating a casual look, or a reliable and comfy pair of pants in case you and your date are planning to go on an adventure. 

Of course, every woman deserves to be treated to dinner in a nice restaurant with a view. And in case this is the kind of date you’re going on, you want to be prepared with a nice sultry dress to set the mood. Jumpsuits are also very popular these days. They are very flattering on most body types and you can have them in lots of different designs–from casual jumpsuits made of light fabrics to more formal-looking selections made of richer fabrics.


A wicked pair of heels that you can match with any outfit would also make a nice addition to your wardrobe if you like to go out on dates. A cute pair of flats might also be essential for long, romantic walks or a day out at the amusement park!


Accessorizing can make all the difference in your date outfit. Wear delicate pieces to bring out your feminine side or go for statement pieces to spice up a simple ensemble. Add a touch of glitter and sparkle to your look and make your dates more memorable. 

Purse or Bag

When you go on dates, you want to make sure that you carry all the essentials like makeup, phone, and wallet. You want a stylish purse that is big enough to carry other items you may need in cases of emergencies, such as pain relievers, breath mints, sunscreen, and safety pins. Invest in bags and purses that you can match with your different date night outfits. 

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