Push Yourself with MIRROR; Pull in the Savings

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Missing the gym? If you are fed up of the gyms being closed and want to carry on working out from home; MIRROR is here for you. It can be hard to feel motivated during this pandemic; you could run around your living room, but this is a quick way to get dizzy and bored. Instead; choose a luxury workout, that will fit into your home perfectly. This is a fantastic gym replacement, plus – it’s mirrored!

Mirror; The Home-Gym

MIRROR is designed for people with tech-knowledge, which nowadays is pretty much everyone. It is; as it says on the tin – a mirror, it fits into your home and it can be attached onto the wall or it can be free-standing. The small footprint and elegant look means the Mirror blends into any home; apartment or basement – turn less than 2 feet of wall space into a personal home-gym.

It blends into the décor of your home; which is a smart trick to encourage you to work out every time you walk past it, get that guilty feeling of not going to the gym from your very own home; where you can’t escape it! Plus, it starts at $1,495 – another good reason to ensure you use it regularly.

To use the MIRROR; simply turn on the switch at the bottom of the unit, you will see the mirror becoming a digital screen; and it’s ready for you to use. The mirror will display thousands of workout videos at the touch of a button. MIRROR offers a free home installation service once you have made a purchase through their website; they install it and connect it your Wi-Fi and you can trial it for 30-days for free, risk free.

Once it has been installed, you need to set up your MIRROR membership online; you can even add up to 6 family members onto your membership and you can connect it to your Fitbit or Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate and record your work-outs. Pair the device with the MIRROR App and you will have access to workout sessions including; cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates and dance and they rank in difficultly from level 1 to 4. The professional trainers appear onscreen against a pure black background – leading you through the classes that run between 15 minutes to an hour. You can either listen to the MIRROR’s compiled playlist or connect your own Spotify account – you can also adjust the music volume and the instructor’s voice. MIRROR ensures you can fit a workout in, no matter how much or little spare time you have.

As you are following the exercises in the mirror, you can also watch yourself in the reflected surface. Staring at yourself sweating; motivating or weird? Well, why not give it a try? The mirror reflection allows you to play close attention to your form and posture. Plus, you haven’t got other gym-goers watching you!

The MIRROR-Basic comes with the stand, warranty and the lens cup and retails at $1,495, the MIRROR-Essentials comes with warranty, a heart-rate monitor, fitness bands, a yoga mat, a yoga block, mat strap, foam roller and a sticker pack and is on sale for $1,695. Lastly, the MIRROR-Family comes with all of the above but you get 2 of everything instead and it is $1,895.

Not just a mirror; but your home yoga studio, boxing ring and dance studio. Plus, with MaxRebates – the top cash back site, you can receive a huge 10% in cash back with every purchase made from MIRROR. The mirror will reveal it all; the savings will prove it all.

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