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Buying jewelry for yourself or as a gift to someone need not cost you a lot of money, especially with Pandora! The company has made major waves in the jewelry market for its charming, long-lasting, and budget-friendly jewelry pieces. If it’s your first time buying from Pandora, the store is most popular for its charm bracelet, which you can wear with different interchangeable charms. The options are just limitless and you can switch to any charm you like to fit any occasion or look. The prices in Pandora are relatively affordable and their pieces are known not only for the wide selection of designs, but for authenticity and long-lasting quality as well. 

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Introduction: About Pandora

Not many people know that Pandora has been around since 1982! It all started in Copenhagen in Denmark, when Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife, Winnie, established the very first jeweler’s shop. Back then, Pandora imported jewelry from Thailand and gradually, they started selling wholesale jewelry in the country. Several years later, Pandora hired its first in-house designer and since 1989, the company has been manufacturing jewelry in Thailand. 

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The Pandora charm bracelet was first conceived in 2000. Customers loved the charming concept of interchangeable charms on a single piece of jewelry that demand just continued to grow. Pandora expanded to the US, Germany, and Australia in the early 2000s. Presently, the company operates large-scale manufacturing facilities in Thailand and sells in over 70 countries in six continents over around 900 of its well-recognized concept stores.

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Pandora: Why People Like It

When it comes to jewelry and accessories, Pandora has become a household name because of the selections on offer and affordability of its carefully crafted jewelry pieces. The company offers women access to modern and genuine hand-finished jewelry at prices that are not too intimidating. The Pandora name has established a solid position as a global brand for personalized, high-quality jewelry. 

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When Did It Get on Trend? 

Pandora is a big hit on major social media platforms, where the company encourages customers to share their personal stories and unforgettable moments related to the pieces of Pandora jewelry they own. The way the brand engages with its customers on these major platforms, complemented by a winning marketing strategy, has catapulted Pandora to the trending brand that it is today. Pandora charms also make a great idea for gift-giving, which is why there is such high-demand for their products. The company has a presence in most high-traffic malls in the US with its products offered in many top jewelry stores and fashion sellers. 

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