Does CVS Do Cash Back?

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Did you know that you can also earn Cash Back when you purchase prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicine, vitamins, supplements, and pharmaceutical supplies? With CVS, you certainly can! CVS also offers good deals on cosmetics, beauty and healthcare products, and photo printing. If you’re dropping by your nearby CVS outlet, you can earn Cash Back instantly. Use your earnings to pay for gas or other emergency purchases while you’re out on an errand. It’s very convenient! So here are a few things to know about CVS Cash Back rewards:

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at CVS?

Buying from CVS stores lets you earn Cash Back instantly. The limit for Cash Back earnings per transaction is $35. This is quite a lot compared to many other stores offering Cash Back. Another advantage for US customers is that there is no purchase limit. As long as you pay using your debit card or Discover credit card, you have the option to withdraw cash with your purchase. This service can be availed in all CVS stores across the country.

The $35 limit applies to one transaction. If you’re planning to buy a lot of stuff the next time you drop by your nearby CVS store, you have the option to break down your purchase into three different transactions using the preferred method of either debit or Discover card each time. For example, if you want to earn up to $140 Cash Back in one go, initiate four different transactions at the store. You can buy any item worth any amount to qualify for the $35 Cash Back. 

Does CVS Charge Cash Back Fees? 

CVS doesn’t charge fees for Cash Back, which is why many customers find it convenient to avail of this service. Any total purchase amount can let you earn Cash Back. If you haven’t tried getting Cash Back at CVS, the process is pretty simple. Just select the Cash Back prompt that the card reader displays when you swipe your debit card or Discover credit card. You can also inform the cashier that you would like to earn the maximum Cash Back limit on your purchase. You can even ask for the cash reward in specific denominations.

CVS Cash Back with MaxRebates

When you make an online purchase at CVS with your MaxRebates account, you can earn a maximum Cash Back of 1% on qualified purchases. The merchant will determine if your purchase qualifies for this offer. If you check the MaxRebates page, you can see that you can avail of the 1% Cash Back rate on several attractive deals on photo printing. So whether you’d want something nice to put in your bedroom, living room, or office, why not go to CVS for your photo printing needs. Earn Cash Back when you avail of any of the following offers: 

 CVS Photo: 8″x10″ Print – 1% Cash Back

CVS 16×20 unframed canvas prints $18.99 –1% Cash Back

CVS Photo: 3 FREE 5″x7″ Photo Print + Free Store Pickup- 1% Cash Back

CVS Photo – 11″x14″ Custom Canvas Photo Print (Unframed) $12.50 + pickup – 1% Cash Back

CVS offers Cash Back of up to $35 when you shop in physical stores, with no minimum purchase amount required and no service fee charges. The limit applies per transaction and there’s no limit to the number of transactions you can initiate if you wish to earn more Cash Back. This is extremely convenient if you have to go out to buy medical supplies, supplements, and prescription drugs. 

If you’re looking to shop online for photo prints at CVS, you have the opportunity to get 1% Cash Back on your total purchase amount. The Cash Back offers are subject to terms and conditions so we recommend visiting MaxRebates to check the most recent CVS Cash Back deals

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