Does Costco Do Cash Back?

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Does Costco do cash back?

Yes, Costco offers Cash Back through a few channels, including a Costco membership, a cash back credit card, or with a debit card!

  • Costco Membership through MaxRebates
  • Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi – 4% on eligible gas (for the first $7000/ year; 1% thereafter)
  • Any Cash Back Credit Card – Cash Back rate would depend on your card provider
  • Debit card – up to $60 Cash Back per transaction in-store

Many Americans love shopping at Costco because it’s a great place to get savings on food items and everyday essentials. The store offers plenty of wholesale deals that can get you  bargain on almost anything you need. Costco’s in-house Kirkland brand is especially popular among the savviest shoppers, who can get gourmet food products, delicious coffee, and top-quality grocery items at budget-friendly prices! If you’re a regular Costco customer, you have the potential to save even more from Cash Back rewards.

How to Get Cash Back at Costco? 

Get your cash back rewards at Costco by signing up for a Gold or Executive Membership with MaxRebates. You can get up to $6 back by using the link available here:

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The Gold Star Membership allows you to buy products from Costco and is valid for one year. All Costco customers need a membership card, it’s thereby a good opportunity to get some extra cash back when you buy the membership.

The Executive Membership, on the other hand, will allow you to earn 2% rewards on Costco purchases, both in store and on their online store!

The Executive Membership costs up to $120 a year. Depending on your family’s needs and how often you shop at Costco, you can decide on whether this option can mean more savings on your everyday expenses.

If you shop at Costco often, applying for Executive membership can mean total annual savings of up to $1000 on Cash Back rewards.

The membership fee of $120 per year is nothing to sneeze at, so you want to make sure that you are capable of getting your money’s worth. The easiest way to tell if Gold Star Executive Membership can mean more savings for you is by making calculations on how much you spend at Costo monthly, then multiply by 12 to get a ballpark estimate of your annual spending.

If the total amount is around $6,000, then you can say that the annual membership cost breaks even with your spending. If you’re an existing member, a total spending of $3,000 means the membership upgrade compensates you well.

How Much Cash Back Does Costco Give?

Customers can earn up to $60 Cash Back whey they pay for their purchases using a debit card in Costco locations across the US. Shoppers have the chance to collect more Cash Back rewards every time they swipe their Costco Anywhere Visa Card, issued by Citibank. However, Costco doesn’t offer Cash Back on its gas stations. 

Costco’s terms and conditions state that shoppers can earn no more than $60 on in-store purchases. If you’re looking to earn more than $60 Cash Back, you can get additional rewards by initiating additional purchases. You have to pay using a debit card or your Costco Anywhere Visa Card in-store upon checkout to get Cash Back. 

How to Get Cash Back at Costco Store?

You can earn Cash Back on as many transactions as you can in a day. Just use your debit card at the Costco counter when it’s time to make a payment. The registrar will ask you for your preferred Cash Back amount and you have the option to choose from $10 to $60. Your bill will reflect the total amount after Cash Back is added. There may be a limit on the number of Cash Back withdrawals so be sure to check with your bank. 

All Costco stores implement the same Cash Back policy. Purchases made with a debit card can entitle a customer to up to a maximum of $60 Cash Back. 

Can Costco Give Cash Back Online? 

Executive members can receive 2% annual Cash Back rewards amounting to up to $1000 on qualified purchases. With, you can also earn Cash Back of $6  (Executive members) or $3 (Gold Star members) for qualifying online purchases.

You can shop with MaxRebates using the app, on the website, or with the help of the MaxRebates browser extension tool. In addition to the Cash Back rewards you can collect with MaxRebates, you can earn additional rewards and benefits on your Costco membership.

Costco Anywhere Visa Card

When you apply for a Costco membership, you have the option to apply for the Costco Anywhere Visa Card. It works the same way as the usual cash back rewards card in that you accumulate points with every qualifying purchase. Based on the points you collect, you can earn Cash Back at the end of the month based on the number of points that you have collected. Details of your Cash Back earned will be sent to you by mail and you can then redeem Cash Back at any Costco warehouse. 

You can monitor your points and rewards via the Citi mobile app. With the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi, you can also earn up to 2% Cash Back reward every year. You will get an update through email about three months before your membership is due for renewal. The card also offers additional benefits including: 

2% Cash Back on all purchases from Costco
3% on dining and travel expenses
4% on gasoline purchases up to $7000/year and 1% in consequent years
1% on purchases made through

What is the Best Way to Get Cash Back at Costco? 

If your family spends around more than $6000 a year at Costco, an Executive Membership and the Costco Anywhere Visa Card can translate to maximum Cash Back savings for you. Customers can also earn Cash Back at Costco either through debit card payments or a regular cash back credit card. One or two of these methods may be ideal for you. You’d have to evaluate the benefits of each one, which we have discussed above. 

If you’re making even just a minimum purchase, you can shop Costco online through MaxRebates and earn a $6 Cash Back. You may visit MaxRebates from time to time to stay updated on the latest Cash back offers from Costco.

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