2023 The Best Hair Removal Handset Ulike

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We know waxing can be a good option when it comes to hair removal. Unfortunately, it can also cause skin damage, ingrown hair, skin burns, allergic reactions, sensitivity to the sun, and even infections on your skin. On top of all these, the worst things you might face after waxing are breakouts and acne.

You can avoid these problems by replacing waxing with a better hair removal method such as shaving, using depilatory creams, laser hair removal, and IPL. Among these, IPL hair removal with Ulike Air/Air+ is the best one as it provides quick, painless, and efficient hair removal at home.

“Unlike some devices which can burn the skin, the Ulike Sapphire Air has a significantly cooler head, making it more comfortable and practically painless to use. You’ll become obsessed with the results.”


“Ulike’s a beloved IPL hair removal device that works to cool the top most layer of your skin to 50 degrees Fahrenheit to minimize the risk of potential burns.” 


“Pain free, quick, and ultra efficient, this innovative home tool from Ulike works to maintain epidermal temperature during treatment,eliminating any burning sensation caused by IPL flashes.”


Not only Ulike products look good, they are also very convenient and user-friendly especially to newbies.

One of Ulike’s Best-Sellers is the Sapphire Series! Available in four colors, it also comes with a Ulike hair removal device disinfection storage box, which is really considerate! 

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset


  • Noticeable results in 3 weeks. Guaranteed
  • Patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology. Pain-free
  • Thumb Free Auto Glide Mode
  • Quick 7-min treatment

Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL Hair Removal Handset


  • Noticeable results in 4 weeks. Guaranteed
  • Patented Pain-free Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology.
  • Works everywhere that hair grows (5 Levels)
  • Quick 10-min treatment

The Sapphire Series has Ulike’s Sapphire light outlet, and are all equipped with Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology, which means there is no burning sensation and is pain-free!

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